YSR Congress slams Chandrababu after Nellore stampede incident

The governing YSRCP claims Chandrababu Naidu is only interested in demonstrating his popularity after eight persons died in a stampede yesterday during the former chief minister's tour in Andhra Pradesh.

Today, Chandrababu Naidu met with the grieving families. Each bereaved family will receive compensation from the party in the amount of Rs 24 lakh. According to Naidu, "We will offer financial relief, medical care for those who have been hurt, and promote kid education."

According to YSRCP MLA Abdul Hafeez, "They are picking tight alleyways, congregating everyone in one area, and taking drone photos to upload and promote on social media."

According to the authorities, the protest did actually follow a winding road. There are aberrations like bike rallies and firecrackers. The primary gathering was held in a tight, jam-packed roadway, according to Vijay Kumar, the Nellore police chief.

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