Why is your wife harassing middle class?, netizen asks actor Nagarjuna

Fear grips the people of Telangana after the increasing street dog menace. People alleged that the officials are keeping quiet even after filing many complaints over the issue. It is known that many children injured were severely in the dog attack. An irked netizen after GHMC reply to his complaint about street dogs directly tweeted to actor Nagarjuna citing the officials are not considering their complaints due to his Amala Akkineni's complaint in SC.

A netizen named Adarsh tweeted tagging Nagarjuna over street dogs' menace. He tweeted as "GHMC responded to my complaint on aggressive street dogs, pvt contractor claims he is helpless with residents complaints due to Amala Akkinneni complaint in SC. Why is your wife harassing middle class? Is it OK if all street dogs are dropped in front of your home? @iamnagarjuna."

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