Dil Pasand movie- Rama Rama Rama song- Mangli

Darling Krishna was cast alongside Megha Shetty and Nishvika Naidu in the most recent Telugu movie, Dil Pasand. Krishna portrayed Santhosh, a techie in the Shiva Tejass-directed movie, who had to have his father correct his romanticism since he was a little child. All hell breaks loose once he becomes engaged to Minchu (Megha), a conventional beauty, but later falls for the charms of the vivacious Aishwarya (Nishvika).

The dance number Rama Rama Rama, written by Arjun Janya and sung by Mangli, was one of the movie's few high points. In it, Nishvika performs a hook step that is reminiscent of Rashmika Mandanna's in Pushpa's Saami Saami number.

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