Man drags traffic police on car's bonnet for 4 km in Madhya Pradesh, CCTV footage

Indore: In a shocking incident, a car driver dragged a traffic police constable for 4 km on the bonnet of the vehicle after the cop stopped him for talking on his mobile phone. The incident took place at Satya Sai crossing, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

The entire incident was recorded on CCTV cameras and now the visuals are going viral on the internet. According to the sources, the traffic head constable identified as Shiv Singh Chouhan stopped a car after seeing the driver talking on his mobile while driving the vehicle.

The driver refused after the cop asked him to pay the challan and tried to escape from the spot. The police climbed the bonnet of the vehicle to stop him. But, the car driver dragged him for 4 km and he also tried to make the police fall by applying breaks and driving close to other vehicles. Finally, the police intercepted and stopped the vehicle and took him into custody and recovered pistol and revolver in car.

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