CBI investigation continues at MLC Kavitha residence; Delhi Liquor Scam

In the Delhi liquor scam case, which has shaken the nation's politics, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has intensified its intervention. The Delhi liquor fraud case is being looked into by the CBI. The testimony of TRS MLC K Kavitha is being recorded at her home under the watchful eye of CBI DIG Raghavendra. At 11 am, six CBI officers, including a female officer, showed up at Kavitha's residence. The CBI is questioning MLC Kavitha as part of the investigation; hence, what justification she would offer for the CBI's inquiries is currently the subject of discussion.

Kavitha had already received a notice from the CBI under Section 160 of the Criminal Procedure Code asking for her explanations.

According to the CBI's notice, Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister of Delhi, and 16 other people were the targets of charges relating to the city's excise policy for 2021–2022, which were made in a written complaint received from Praveen Kumar Rai, Director in the Union Home Ministry.

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