Video of Pakistani groom giving his bride young donkey during their wedding goes viral

The gift that a Pakistani groom gave to his bride on their wedding day captured the attention of online users. At their wedding reception, the man, who is said to be YouTuber Azlan Shah from Karachi, surprised his bride by bringing a young donkey. He recently got married to Warisha, a social media influencer.

Shah claimed that he had known Warisha loved animals from the beginning, which is why he had given her a baby donkey as a wedding present. The event's video was uploaded to Shah's Instagram feed. He also gave a justification for the unusual gift. Over a million people have watched the video on social media.

Regardless of what people may say, Azlan declared, "I adore animals, and donkeys are my spirit animals. This is my gift to Warisha." People are reacting vehemently to this issue as the video of this occurrence gains more social media traction.

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