Vishwak Sen reacts on allegations made by Arjun

The veteran actor Arjun Sarja recently criticised the young actor Vishwak Sen in a press conference. He described him as being indiscrete and unprofessional.

In response, Vishwak Sen spoke candidly with the media, outlining his decision not to join the cast of Arjun Sarja's movie.

He stated: "If anyone in the industry, including the light boys, labels me unprofessional, I will leave the field immediately. I collaborated with numerous experienced producers, like Suresh Babu, Dil Raju garu, and others. I normally spend 40 days filming and 20 days promoting each movie. I believe I am the actor who is most devoted. My tardy realisation is the cause of my absence from the sets. I had a few reservations.

He used to stop me and tell me to believe in him whenever I voiced a question. Since I grew up seeing so many of Arjun Sarja garu's movies, I have a great deal of respect for him. I enjoy him. But as I was about to begin shooting, I started to feel uneasy.

If he feels that I erred, I apologise to him. However, I considered using my intellect to make the script better by taking personal ownership of it.

''I always find solutions inside the four walls. However, he talked to the media openly. Anyway, I hope the best for him "., Vishwak Sen stated.

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