Vishwak Sen insulted me and my team, alleges emotional Arjun Sarja in a Press Meet

Veteran actor and director Arjun Sarja, who started filming with his daughter Aishwarya and Vishwak Sen in the key roles, has spoken out about how Vishwak Sen disrespected him and his crew by skipping the shooting schedules without valid reasons.

Arjun held a press conference today(November 5) to declare his complete abandonment of the project in the wake of Vishwak Sen's approach towards the project.. Arjun has made it clear that he no longer wants to collaborate with Vishwak Sen. Mr. Arjun claimed that he has never complained at one in his 42-year career and added that it is not his cup of tea.

'I made the decision not to continue with him in this hostile setting, so I called a news conference to let everyone know about the happenings', Mr. Arjun stated.

The senior actor reiterated, "I say again, it is not complaint, it is just my feelings."

He argued that producers and directors should be respected and should be trusted by the casts involved in the project.

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