Hero Vishal speaks after visiting Kadapa Dargah

Vishal, a well-known actor from the South, claimed to be a social worker and that he is already a politician. The actor after his prayers at Kadapa Dargah, claimed in a media interview that coming this holy place, gives him tranquilly. . The hero claimed that he prays to all of the Gods, including Sri Venkateswara Swamy, and that he frequently goes to mosques and churches. Mr. Vishal claimed that some of his films included the Kadapa background due of sensitivities around the Kadapa Dargah.

The actor denied the rumours after being asked if he would play CM YS Jagan in one of the biopics. The actor has urged people to help others instead of spending money on buying firecrackers while highlighting some of the elements of his upcoming film Lathi. The actor acknowledged his affiliation with social service while responding to his volunteer work.

The actor said, "Even if I am already a politician, it will take some more time for me to be involved in active politics."

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