MP Anil Firojiya reduces 32kg after Nitin Gadkari challenged him of 'shedding flab'

Anil Firojiya, a member of parliament from Ujjain, has shed 32 kg of weight in exchange for Nitin Gadkari's offer to donate Rs 1000 crore for development projects in his district for every kilogramme lost.

Anil Firojiya, a Ujjain MP, has graciously accepted the challenge. Anil Firojiya claimed, 'I accepted the challenge and I shed about 32 kg.'

The MP was given a stage promise by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari earlier in June that he would donate Rs 1000 crore for development projects for every kilo dropped.

He stated, 'I am ready to continue my fitness regimen for the growth of the constituency if weight loss brings additional budget allocation for Ujjain'.

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