Brahmin groups counter Nagababu's tweet targeting Garikapati

The outrage directed at megastar Chiranjeevi by spiritual speaker and scholar Garikapati at the Alai-Balai event held by Haryana governor Bandaru Dattatreya in Hyderabad on Thursday is growing into a significant controversy. Despite Garikapati's rage, Chiranjeevi acted with the utmost dignity and showed the latter an unusual amount of respect. Garikapati bowed his head before the megastar for the simple reason that it was enough. Nagababu, Chiranjeevi's brother, however, caused controversy with a post that backfired.

Sridhar Sharma, the state president of Brahmana Chitanya Vedika, has denounced Nagbabu's comments. Nobody needs to be feared, he claimed. Sridhar Sharma has advised Nagbabu to mend his shortcomings and uphold his standing while underlining the overall issue. Additionally, he advised actor-turned-politician Nagbabu to treat all social groups equally.

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