South Vs Bollywood: Salman Khan and Chiranjeevi unexpected reply

At a press conference for the movie, Salman Khan, who will shortly make his Telugu film debut with a cameo in GodFather, addressed the persistent debate between south films and Bollywood. The actor talked about how Bollywood films struggle to acquire pan-Indian acceptance whereas movies from the south have no trouble doing so.

Chiranjeevi has previously mentioned his earlier Hindi flicks Gentleman and Aaj Ka Gundaraj and claimed that following them, he was forced to stick to Telugu films solely.

Chiranjeevi has emphasised the need to consider all films in one platform and has referred to it as Indian film while responding to diverse regional films and the disparities with mainstream Bollywood.

He related a story about how there were no famous actors from other places in an event, because he only saw Hindi actors at the time.

Salman Khan spiced up the event by providing amusing answers to some of Chiranjeevi's questions.

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