Watch as Prabhas receives a wave of cheers after saying "I love you all" in Mogalturu.

After a long hiatus, Prabhas finally arrived in Mogaluturu, and fans went crazy. It is well known that Prabhas had a personal loss with the recent passing of his uncle Krishnam Raju. Prabhas and the members of Krishnam Raju's family today held a memorial service at Prabhas' birthplace of Mogaluturu, and he made such arrangements that everyone and his followers were taken care of without any problems.

In a brief conversation with his followers around noon, actor Prabhas stated, "Love you all" and inquired, "How are you all?

Prabhas is pictured sporting a black top, a cap, and sunglasses.

Prabhas made arrangements for his supporters and saw to it that they were served a wide selection of delectable dishes. He urged his followers to take food by saying that it is almost ready. Prabhas has promised his followers that he will see them again.

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