Nandamuri family members condemned the removal of the name of NTR Health University

Family members of Nandamuri strongly objected to the name of NTR Health University being changed. The late NT Rama Rao's son, Nandamuri Ramakrishna, recalled that NTR founded Arogya University in 1986 with the intention of having other medical colleges adhere to the same approach. He argued that taking NTR's name out would be disrespectful to the entire Telugu race.

He asserted that Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao is the yugapurush of all parties, communities, and castes. He expressed his sorrow over the regrettable renaming of NTR, who was responsible for preserving the Telugu nation's self-respect.

The continuation of the medical university in NTR's name was urged by Nandamuri Ramakrishna.

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