Viral video: Royal guard falls hard to the ground as Queen lies in state; Live broadcast halted

One of the Royal Guardsmen keeping a watchful eye on Wednesday night as Queen Elizabeth II lay in state in Westminster Hall fainted and fell off the stage in front of the cameras. The guard, who is wearing a black uniform, can be seen appearing to stumble off his position on the catafalque, which is where the Queen's coffin is kept. In the viral footage of this occurrence, one can see how immediately he fell to the ground after that.

The cause of the guard's collapse and what happened to him later were not immediately known.

A catafalque, or raised platform, is where the Queen's coffin is placed, and until September 19 troops in ceremonial garb will keep vigil around-the-clock.

From February 14 until February 19, when a state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, the revered place where the British kings and queens are anointed, the late Queen will lay in state.

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