Teacher's Day should be celebrated with joy.. but teachers are not happy, alleges Pawan Kalyan

The chief of Jana Sena, Pawan Kalyan, has alleged that the YSRCP administration does not give much importance to the teachers, who spread knowledge and produce talented people of the next generation. Pawan Kalyan in a statement stated that while Teacher's Day should be celebrated joyfully, it is disappointing to see that the instructors have chosen to abstain from the festivities. It is obvious how strongly the teachers feel about the psychological suffering and violence the government inflicts, alleged Kalyan.

All people who harass teachers, according to Jana Sena Chief, are written off as characterless in history. The time has arrived to give this government a lesson, Pawan Kalyan said. He made it clear that the Janasena will fully support the teachers' legitimate demands.

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