Nara Lokesh expresses anger over destruction of Anna Canteen in Kuppam

After Anna's canteen was destroyed and flexi in Kuppam was torn up, Nara Lokesh, the national general secretary of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), expressed his strong reaction. According to Lokesh, the attack on the Telugu Desam-run canteens is evidence of Jagan's political degeneration.

Nara Lokesh claimed that YSRCP thugs in the middle of the night, attacked and damaged a canteen that had been operating at the intersection of the Kuppam RTC bus stop for 86 days.

Lokesh claimed that after YS Jagan's government took office, the 201 canteens throughout the state have been closed. He has voiced his rage by asserting that the current administration is snatching the food from the needy people. Nara Lokesh made the decision to run the canteens, no matter how much problems they caused. TDP MLC has demanded the harsh punishment for those responsible for destroying the Anna canteen in Kuppam.

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