First day first show Telugu official trailer is entertaining

The comedy film "First Day First Show" has the support of "Jathi Ratnalu" director Anudeep KV. The comedy is being funded by Srija Edida of Poornodaya Movie Creations. Natural Star Nani unveiled the movie's trailer today.

As teenagers who adore Pawan Kalyan more than they adore one another, Srikanth Reddy and Sanchita Bashu are portrayed in the movie.

The movie, which was co-directed by Vamsidhar Goud and Lakshmi Narayana P, also stars Prabhas Sreenu, Mahesh Achanta, and Srinivas Reddy. According to the producers, the cinematography by Prasanth Ankireddy would be a highlight. The background music was written by Radhan.

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