Indian Navy gets ‘Varuna’ ready: Country’s first pilot-less drone, can carry 130 kgs- Details

The Indian start-up Sagar Defence Engineering has created 'Varuna,' the nation's first people carrying platform that is a drone without a pilot. The drone was demonstrated in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month.

Varuna boasts some of the most cutting-edge features in terms of its primary features. One person can fit inside the drone at a time. There are four auto-pilot settings in Varuna that allow it to keep flying even if some fans stop working. Varuna is currently undergoing a land-based study and will move on to a sea trial in the following three months. The personal air mobility vehicle can fly up to 25 kilometres away while carrying a 130-kilogram payload.

The drone can land and take off from moving warships thanks to the technologies utilised. Notably, Indian Navy DSR has assisted in the development of the landing and takeoff technology.

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