UK PM Race: Rishi Sunak defeats rival Liz Truss in key TV debate; Gets ‘unexpected’ support

Part 2

In a head-to-head television debate to choose a new British prime minister, Rishi Sunak, a former chancellor, easily prevailed against challenger Liz Truss in front of a crowd of Conservative Party members.

The finalist candidates met with Conservative members who are eligible to vote in the election but are generally unsure about who to support during the 'Battle for Number 10' on Sky News on Thursday night.

The former finance minister stuck to his main points and concentrated his argument on the necessity to control the rising cost of living before lowering taxes.

In contrast to her opponent's caution, Truss argued that a recession is 'not inevitable' and pledged to take bold measures.

Sunak denied claims that the recession is being brought on by high taxes, saying: 'That's just false. Inflation is what's causing the recession.'

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