Rishi Sunak favourite among UK swing voters for PM post, suggests new poll; Details

According to a recent poll released on Thursday, former chancellor Rishi Sunak is ahead of Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in the campaign to become the next leader of the Conservative Party and British prime minister.

The hard-core Conservative members who will cast their postal ballots for their preferred candidate starting next week are favouring the British Indian ex-minister, who has been trailing Truss in their support. However, voters who had never voted for the Conservatives in the 2019 general election favour him. While Sunak is more popular with swing voters than his challenger, both are disliked with the general public, according to a British Internet-based research business. Additionally, it claims that among those who voted for the Tories in 2019 but claim they are unsure of their vote in future elections, Sunak leads Liz Truss by four points.

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