Rishi Sunak vs Liz Truss: Stakes high for first head-to-head debate

For the first head-to-head debate in the UK, the stakes are high. The two candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss will square off this evening in primetime in the fight to succeed Boris Johnson as British prime minister. On the implementation of policy, both disagree.

According to Sunak, after taxes have caught up with inflation, he will lower them. Before the end of the next parliament, he promises to reduce income taxes. He desires significant changes in how businesses are taxed. Additionally, he pledges to keep defence spending steady.

They will stop the current increase in national insurance, claims Liz Truss. She commits to reversing a proposed increase in company tax. She said that the so-called "Green Levy" would be suspended.

Consequently, this is the first week of the actual election, and before voting begins early next month, this TV debate between the two candidates will likely draw the largest audience.

According to the reports, polling firms will question which candidate the general electorate prefers to be prime minister following the debates, and the outcomes of such surveys will have an impact on party members.

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