YV Subba Reddy on Sravana Bhargavi controversy

The 15th-century saint Annamayya's devotional song "Okapari Kokapari," which was deemed insulting by his devotees, was used by Tollywood singer Sravana Bhargavi.

Singer Bhargavi at first defended her video, saying there was nothing offensive about it. She changed the song's audio to a different piece of music and gave it the title "Perspective is everything" to make her point.

When responding to the entire incident, TTD Chairman YV Subba Reddy said that Annamayya Keerthana's have its significance and they will not support their defamation. He said that the district name for Annamayya's birthplace in Kadapa had also been disclosed.

According to the TTD Chairman, the manner in which the issue was presented on numerous social media platforms is highly deplorable and sinful.

According to Subba Reddy, TTD will pursue legal action if any legal rights relevant to the matter are allocated to them.

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