Viral video: Girl and boy fight over Rs 1,000 Zara T-shirt' in Delhi Metro- Watch

On social media, a video of a boy and girl disputing over the cost of a t-shirt has gone viral. The boy appears to have started abusing the girl about the T-shirt she had purchased, which appears to be the beginning of their quarrel.

In the footage, the female can be seen smacking the boy a few times after several arguments. The girl was initially asked how much it cost, to which she said that she had purchased it from Zara for Rs 1,000. He ridiculed her assertion by remarking that the t-shirt doesn't look to cost more than Rs 150.

When the girl heard this, she lost her composure and started yelling at the boy. Then there is slapping and fighting with the fists. The boy retaliated. No passenger made an effort to step in during the entire verbal exchange. Later on in the footage, both were seen arguing as they exited the train.

The video quickly went viral.

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