Assam man dresses up as Lord Shiva in street play on price rise, detained

During a street drama in which he is disguised as Lord Shiva, a man was detained in Assam today on suspicion of offending religious sensitivities.
Yesterday, Birinchi Bora disguised as Lord Shiva to protest the Narendra Modi government's price increases while acting in a skit with Parishimita, a female co-actor. The man who was arrested was protesting against rising fuel prices and unemployment through his street performance. The two-wheeler that the performers were riding stops unexpectedly when its fuel runs out in the scene.

The two partners, Shiva and Parvati, argue over the circumstance. Shiva then begins to criticise the government for the country's true problems, such as the unemployment rate and rising fuel prices. Videos of their performance went viral on social media.

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