Andhra Pradesh High Court sentences 8 IAS officers to prison

On Thursday, the Andhra Pradesh High Court handed down a sentence to the state's eight IAS officers. The court was incensed by the failure to carry out rulings prohibiting the establishment of village secretariats in schools. The High Court had already ordered that village and ward secretariats be removed from government schools. The fact that the directives were being disobeyed infuriated the High Court.

In a contempt case, the court found 8 IAS officers guilty and sentenced them to two weeks in prison. The high court has received eight official apologies. As a result, the high court mandated community service programmes in order to escape prison. The court stipulated that they must serve one day every month in welfare hostels.

The state High Court ordered them to participate in one-day service activities once a month for the rest of the year.

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