Hyderabad to get India's 1st Gold ATM

The introduction of India's first gold ATM has been announced by Goldsikka Ltd, a digital marketplace for buying and selling gold. Buyers can use any credit or debit card to purchase actual gold from these gold ATMs.

These ATMs will be located in three different sites throughout Hyderabad. For the first time in the country, Gold Sikka has announced that it will open gold ATMs in Hyderabad. There are now only two gold ATMs in Dubai and five in the United Kingdom.

According to Syedar Taruz, CEO of Gold Sikka, ATMs will be installed in the Abids, Pan Bazaar, and Gandhi Bazaar neighbourhoods over the next two months. It has been discovered that ATMs can be used to withdraw up to 100 grams. He stated that the ever-changing gold values would be displayed on the ATM screen, as well as quality and guarantee documents.

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