Five Important Life Skills To Teach Your Kids

15-12-2021 Wed 19:55 IST | IANS | Offbeat
Five Important Life Skills To Teach Your Kids

New Delhi, Dec 15:  Have you ever questioned if your child is self-sufficient? Will your child be able to look after himself if you leave them alone for a long time? Do you believe your child possesses the required life skills to face the challenges that lie ahead?

As parents, we always wish to inculcate in our children certain characteristics. When we consider certain basic attributes, we find that leadership is one of the most important skills that any parent wishes to instil in their child. However, as parents, we must recognise that independence and confidence are the pillars of leadership. So, let's look at some very fundamental new learning skills for kids that will allow them confront the world on their own and with confidence.

Your child's education must go beyond what he or she learns in school. In order to learn, a child must be taught at home through experiences and training exercises.

1. Managing Time

You're most likely perplexed as to how this is possible. You can accomplish this by encouraging your child to take charge of their own time. Instead of you waking them up, get them an alarm clock so they can get ready for school on time. Get them a planner to keep track of their schoolwork and extracurricular activities, as well as when things need to be completed.

2. Ability to Make Decisions

Education, jobs, and life partners are just a few of the major decisions we must make in our lives. How about teaching your child how to make good decisions from a young age?

Here's how you do it: you teach kids how to make sensible judgments in short, straightforward steps. Begin by asking them to pick between two distinct activities or games, two different forms of clothing, two different foods, and so on.

When this occurs, the youngster will be able to comprehend the repercussions of each, helping them assess the benefits and drawbacks!

3. Money management and basic budgeting

Among life skills, this is a very basic one. Every week or every two weeks, give your children a set amount of pocket money to use for their costs. Ask them to save up their pocket money if they want to buy something more expensive. They will be more motivated as a result of this. Comparative purchasing, in my opinion, falls under the umbrella of budgeting education.

Open a bank account for your child and have them deposit money into it once a month (money received as gifts or if they help out in the house with some tasks, you could pay them a small amount). Saving and valuing money will be instilled as a result. " Isn't that the case?

4. The importance of environmental preservation

Instilling the value of environmental preservation and sustainability in your child at a young age will encourage them to be more caring for the environment. Make simple lifestyle changes at home to teach your child why environmental protection is important. Encourage children to be environmentally conscious in everything they do.

You can even compel them to participate in environmental activities such as gardening and rubbish collection for disposal. Give them a section of your yard to plant whatever they like, if you have one. Assist them in sowing seeds and assign them the job of watering the plants. You can always use planting pots if you don't have access to a yard.

5. Resilience and Adaptability

These are two more key skills to inculcate in your child. This can be accomplished by ensuring that you do not constantly provide solutions to your child. Empower your child to solve problems on their own so that they are prepared to handle problems as they arise. They must develop resilience in order to adapt to a variety of circumstances and settings.

Make sure you have an open line of communication with your child so you can understand what they're going through and assist them--and, of course, as a parent, you must model resilient behaviour at home!

Teaching our children life skills is essential so that they can have a rough idea of what they want to accomplish with their lives and, more crucially, recall the type of person they want to be. Focus your efforts on educating children in a fun and engaging way so that they may be confident in their values and talents!

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