Woman Professor of Cairo says rape is allowed

A Muslim Professor of Cairo University has come out with her interpretation of the law on rape. The Professor, Suad Saleh, told a TV channel that Allah allowed Muslim men to rape non-Muslim women in order to humiliate them. A video related to the interview was uploaded and it has gone viral, according to a report in the Inquisitor. Saleh says in the video that Allah has given Muslim men a way to have sexual relations with slave women that is `legitimate.' The woman professor suggests that it is acceptable for Muslim men to enslave a woman for sexual purposes during a legitimate war between Muslims and their enemies such as the Israelis. The Muslim Professor's view have come in for all-round condemnation, including Islamic scholars. The Professor perhaps does not know that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is setting up honey traps for Indian servicemen. Is ISI's Call Centre catering honey traps is also legitimate?

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