Selfie culture afire with one against Towering Inferno

Selfie culture is particularly strong with young couples visiting tourist spots and taking pictures with particular background. They then put these selfies in social media, attracting likes, comments and shares. Each selfie is happy in his/her own world. If so, one young couple went to Dubai to celebrate New Year. After the shop-until-you-drop routine there, the couple saw the Towering Inferno happening right in their sights. They did what visiting young couples generally do. Take a selfie in New Year's Night against blazing red in the dark of Dubai. Because their smartphones do this, easily fast they can braodcast selfies with the relevant app. The couple uploaded their selfie in the social media. Soon the selfie went viral and spread like wild fire. Netizens did not `like' the selfie. When the fire was blazing, how could one take a selfie in the circumstances is their poser. But then the Burj Khalifa fire is in the new city of Dubai. Considered the tallest building in the world, the blaze in the hotel building should be visible from afar. The longer the distance the less threatening it may have appeared for those afar. Instead the couple could have announced the fire sans the selfie selfishness. Like Jammu and Kashmir leader Omar Abdullah put it on Twitter. `I'm next to The Address in Dubai where a sudden fire enveloped the building. Started from a terrace & raced up.'

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