Now, manage your smartphone while you workout

New York, Dec 30: A US company has developed an innovative magnetic case and armband to help people manage their smartphones while exercising, according to a media report. Cleveland-based Selfie-Z developed the magnetic Z-Case and erromagnetic Z-Band to help exercise enthusiasts keep their phones dry and scratch-free, PRNewswire reported on Tuesday. Z-Case easily mounts to nearly any metallic surface at the gym to let those who wish to record their form or share progress by way of a gym selfie to film or photograph without a hassle. It is appropriate for running, biking, weightlifting, and many other vigorous activities. Selfie-Z recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and the innovative products are available for pre-order for a limited time. The company will begin shipping the iPhone 6/6S model of the Z-Case and Z-Band when production is complete in early 2016. While in development, prototypes of the products have been fully tested and approved by hundreds of fitness athletes.

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