Chief Secretaries of AP and Telangana Meet to Discuss Election Security and Coordination

Chief Secretaries of AP and Telangana Meet to Discuss Election Security and Coordination
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Chief Secretaries of the two Telugu states have convened to discuss the administration of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In a meeting held at the Secretariat in Hyderabad, Telangana Chief Secretary Shantikumari and her Andhra Pradesh counterpart Jawahar Reddy decided to work in closer coordination.

Officials reported that coordination meetings were held with district collectors and officers from the border areas. They decided to maintain strict vigilance until the end of the polling process, focusing particularly on preventing the illegal transport of liquor and drugs. Surveillance has been heightened along the borders with Goa and Karnataka to prevent the inflow of alcohol.

Measures have been implemented to curb the transport of items intended to influence voters, including illegal substances. Both states' chief secretaries reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining peace and order and ensuring the enforcement of regulations until polling concludes.

On behalf of Telangana, measures include 36 interstate checkpoints managed by the police, three by the forestry department, and eight by the excise department, along with 224 enforcement teams and seven checkpoints managed by the commercial taxes department, ensuring round-the-clock patrolling. The Telangana Chief Secretary emphasized that there is no significant terrorist influence in the state, and that stringent coordination between state police and central forces prevents any activities by Maoists from Chhattisgarh.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Secretary Jawahar Reddy mentioned that simultaneous elections for the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and the Lok Sabha necessitate comprehensive and coordinated efforts to conduct the elections smoothly.

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