Have you seen who accompanied Jagan to YS Ghat?": Chandrababu

Have you seen who accompanied Jagan to YS Ghat?": Chandrababu
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ChittoorAs part of the election campaign, TDP chief Chandrababu spoke at a meeting in Puttur, Chittoor district, where he targeted CM Jagan with severe criticisms. He labeled Jagan Mohan Reddy as a liar, accused him of conducting bogus surveys, and managing with money. Chandrababu also criticized Jagan for using Paytm to attack them and manipulating social media to distort reality.

Chandrababu questioned Jagan's integrity, asking if Jagan, having any shame, would bring those responsible for the attack on his uncle to YS's memorial. He revealed that Avinash Reddy was with Jagan today, criticizing the decision to give him an MP ticket despite allegations against him. Chandrababu argued that this disrespects the public, implying that they and he are not accountable for the actions of those who harmed their uncle. He expressed confidence in victory, citing changing public opinion.

Chandrababu warned Jagan that his days in politics are numbered, calling him out for previously hiding behind masks and now being openly rejected by the people. He criticized Jagan for acting against the interests of the people and questioned the discontinuation of Anna canteens, contrasting it with similar initiatives in Tamil Nadu.

Chandrababu accused Jagan of burdening the poor by not providing TIDCO houses and highlighted Jagan's increased wealth contrasted with the public's decreased income. He promised to bring light into their lives and warned Jagan that the public is ready to overthrow his government and end his arrogance and illegal activities after May 13.

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