TDP's Nara Lokesh criticizes misinformation campaign on CAA

TDP's Nara Lokesh criticizes misinformation campaign on CAA
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Mangalagiri: TDP National General Secretary, Nara Lokesh, while touring the Mangalagiri constituency, addressed a gathering. He pointed out that the MPs of Jagan's party had once fully supported the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). He criticized them for now spreading false propaganda against TDP.

"Nellore MP Vijayasai Reddy is contesting elections. In all of Jagan's cases, he is accused number two. Speaking in the Rajya Sabha, he claimed that they fully support the CAA. Didn't they know about the CAA back then? If they had doubts about the act, why did they support it? Why are they spreading false propaganda now?

Who said that the CAA would force minorities to leave India? Which paper reported this? Reading Sakshi paper is harmful to health. Watching Sakshi TV might even lead to a heart attack... Please avoid these two.

Do not believe the propaganda against the CAA. The news that minorities have to leave the country is fake. Modi didn't say it, Chandrababu didn't say it, Pawan didn't say it. It's my responsibility to assure this on a proper platform," assured Nara Lokesh.

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