Janasainiks Must Protect Pawan Kalyan: Kodali Nani

Janasainiks Must Protect Pawan Kalyan: Kodali Nani
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Amaravati: YCP MLA and former minister Kodali Nani shared his views on the current political situation, stating that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) will defeat Pawan Kalyan. He predicted that this would become clear to everyone after the elections. He emphasized the need for fans to be vigilant, warning that otherwise, Pawan Kalyan would pay a hefty price. Nani asserted that it is up to the Janasainiks (followers of Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena Party) to protect Pawan Kalyan.

Nani criticized Chandrababu Naidu for seeking votes but not offering seats in return. He accused Chandrababu of allocating 30 seats to a community that constitutes only 3% of the vote base, while a community with 20% of the votes was given only 24 seats.

He elaborated that among the 24 seats allocated to Jana Sena, 10 are definitely set to lose, questioning Chandrababu Naidu's shame in offering such seats and implying that Pawan Kalyan should also feel ashamed for accepting them. Nani branded Chandrababu Naidu and Nadendla as the ambassadors of betrayal, suggesting that Pawan Kalyan should distance himself from such individuals.

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