Modi and Revanth Reddy Share Stage in Adilabad Meeting

Modi and Revanth Reddy Share Stage in Adilabad Meeting
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Adilabad: Prime Minister Modi is currently touring Telangana and, as part of his two-day visit, inaugurated several development projects in Adilabad district today. The projects, worth Rs. 7000 crores, marked a significant milestone for the region. An interesting scenario unfolded during this event as Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Revanth Reddy shared the same stage. Governor Tamilisai, Union Minister Kishan Reddy, and others were also present. Upon Modi's arrival in Adilabad, Revanth Reddy and Minister Seetakka welcomed him, with Revanth Reddy honoring Modi with a shawl.

During the meeting, Revanth Reddy spoke about focusing on the state's development outside of election periods and stressed the importance of maintaining a non-confrontational approach with the central government for the state's progress. He expressed the desire not to fight with the center but rather to seek cooperation from the Prime Minister, likening him to an elder brother, to foster a harmonious relationship between the state and central governments.

Revanth Reddy made specific requests for the development of the Musi river and support for the expansion of the Metro Rail project. He criticized the previous government's decision that resulted in only 1,600 megawatts of electricity being produced out of the 4,000 megawatts stipulated by the AP Bifurcation Act. He also thanked the Prime Minister for transferring 175 acres of land in the Hyderabad Cantonment to the state government. In response, Prime Minister Modi assured that the central government would support Telangana's development in all possible ways.

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