Devineni Uma Counters CM Jagan's Remarks in Kuppam

Devineni Uma Counters CM Jagan's Remarks in Kuppam
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Vijayawada: At a YSRCP meeting held in Shantipuram within the Kuppam constituency, CM Jagan launched severe criticisms against TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu. He questioned what Chandrababu, who has been an MLA for 35 years, has done for the Kuppam constituency and stated that they had brought Krishna water to the constituency. In response, TDP senior leader Devineni Uma countered CM Jagan's comments.

"Chandrababu has managed to store water in dams and reservoirs. He initiated the Handri-Neeva projects across 672 kilometers to transform Rayalaseema into a jewel. Can you shamelessly claim you completed these 672 kilometers of work? Did you provide water to even a single acre under the Chitravathi, Gandikota, or Pulivendula lift schemes? You let the Galeru-Nagari project go to waste, didn't you?

Have the Telugu Ganga project works progressed at all? You claimed you would uplift Rayalaseema with lift schemes... what happened to that? How many hundreds of crores did you spend... do you have the courage to answer? Did you uplift Rayalaseema? Do you and your irrigation minister have the courage to detail the expenditure of the claimed Rs. 22,000 crores? If so, release a white paper.

What did you do with the Rs. 2,011 crores you claim to have allocated for Rayalaseema, Jagan Reddy? Which reservoirs received water, Jagan Reddy? Where did the water from any canal go, Jagan Reddy? We proudly claim that we directed 40-45 TMCs of water to the Handri-Neeva canal, supplying water to Kurnool and Anantapur, and even brought water to Chittoor.

It took 57 months and cost Rs. 30 crores to transfer water from the second to the third lift of the Kuppam Branch Canal. If over 87% of the work on the Kuppam Canal was completed during Chandrababu's tenure and the remaining 13% couldn't be finished by the incompetent Chief Minister Jagan... do your boasts have any meaning? Uma questioned.

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