AP Minister Dharmana raises alarm over land seizure threats in Srikakulam

AP Minister Dharmana raises alarm over land seizure threats in Srikakulam
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Srikakulam: AP Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao expressed his concern over the peaceful district of Srikakulam becoming a haven for rowdies. He mentioned that someone named Subba Reddy from Kadapa had threatened to seize land, questioning, "Who are you? Srikakulam is not your inheritance." He felt demeaned as a local leader by such attempts to usurp property and indicated a hierarchy of leaders above Subba Reddy involved in these schemes. Speaking to the media in Srikakulam today, he voiced these remarks.

Dharmana highlighted that the North Andhra region, rich in resources, is now targeted by rowdy gangs, irrespective of their political affiliations, and warned that if unchecked, the entire area could fall under their influence. He stressed the need for towns to remain peaceful and for public representatives to steer clear of corruption and the greed for others' properties, condemning the act of forcefully acquiring someone else's asset as despicable.

He boasted about the development he brought to Srikakulam, claiming unparalleled achievements and assured his victory in any constituency he contests within the district, attributing his past successes to public support and urging for thoughtful consideration and support in the upcoming elections, promising to serve with greater vigor if elected, or remain a friend in defeat.

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