Mahalakshmi Scheme: Government Favors Cash Transfer for Subsidized Gas Cylinders

Mahalakshmi Scheme: Government Favors Cash Transfer for Subsidized Gas Cylinders
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The Telangana Civil Supplies Department has made a pivotal decision regarding the distribution of subsidized gas cylinders under the Mahalakshmi Scheme. It has been resolved to provide gas cylinders at a cost of Rs.500 through a cash transfer system. Under this method, consumers will pay the full price at the time of purchase, and subsequently, the government will transfer a subsidy of Rs.500 directly into the beneficiaries' bank accounts, with the remaining amount also being credited. The Civil Supplies Department has also finalized various procedures for the implementation of this scheme. It's noteworthy that the Congress had promised during the last elections to supply cylinders for Rs.500.

The rules state that the scheme will not apply to new gas connections. Only those with existing food security cards and in use of cylinders will be eligible for the subsidy. The number of subsidized cylinders will be determined based on the average usage of cylinders by domestic consumers over the past three years. Currently, 40 lakh female applicants have been identified for the scheme's initiation.

NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) will act as the platform for cash transfers. After the supply of cylinders to the beneficiaries, NPCI will facilitate the cash transfer from the nodal bank accounts to the beneficiaries.

The government's decision takes into account the regulations of oil companies, financial aspects, and potential discrepancies. The Civil Supplies Department Commissioner conducted a meeting with representatives of gas agencies on Thursday evening to discuss various aspects related to the scheme.

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