Woman Arrested for Kidnapping TV Anchor in Marriage Plot

Woman Arrested for Kidnapping TV Anchor in Marriage Plot
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A woman was arrested for kidnapping a TV anchor in Hyderabad with the intention of marrying him. The anchor, Pranav, works for a popular TV channel, while Trisha, the accused, runs a digital marketing business and owns several startups.

The incident unfolded after Trisha, having seen Pranav's photos on a matrimonial site, became infatuated and decided she wanted to marry him. When she proposed marriage, based on details found on the matrimonial site, Pranav rejected her proposal. Undeterred, Trisha formulated a plan to kidnap Pranav without considering his preferences.

On the 10th of this month, following her plan, Trisha, with the help of her associates, kidnapped Pranav and confined him in a room, pressuring him to marry her. However, Pranav managed to escape and sought help from the police, leading to Trisha's arrest.

The twist in the tale is that the profile of Pranav that Trisha had seen on the matrimonial site was fake, created by a young man named Chaitanya Reddy using Pranav's photos and details to engage in conversations with Trisha. Believing it to be Pranav's real profile, Trisha went to the extent of kidnapping him for marriage.

Anchor Pranav responded to the incident on Instagram, stating that only some of the media reports are true and that he would soon release an official statement.

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