MLA Lasya Nandita's Postmortem Report Revealed

MLA Lasya Nandita's Postmortem Report Revealed
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Hyderabad: Secunderabad Cantonment BRS MLA Lasya Nandita, known to have narrowly escaped a road accident a few days ago, unfortunately, could not evade fate this time. She lost her life in a road accident that occurred on the Outer Ring Road near Sultanpur this morning.

The postmortem of Lasya Nandita was conducted at Gandhi Hospital, where medical experts reported that her body was severely damaged.

The report indicated that not wearing a seatbelt turned out to be fatal. MLA Lasya Nandita died on the spot, suffering severe head injuries. The report detailed that one of her legs was broken, bones in the body were fractured, specifically the thigh bone and ribs, and six teeth were dislodged.

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