Apple showcases iPhone 15’s durability in an auto rickshaw in India

Apple showcases iPhone 15’s durability in an auto rickshaw in India
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Apple has released a new campaign in India that puts iPhone 15 through a durability test -- tossing, turning, and tumbling around at the back of an auto rickshaw -- to demonstrate its tough build quality.

Launching in the midst of IPL cricket season, the film titled “Relax, it's iPhone” reminds fans that they can watch their favourite game without missing a beat or worrying about damaging their iPhone.

The new Apple campaign will air on broadcast and will also appear on digital pre-roll, TVO and social media.

From hard bumps to sharp turns, iPhone survives the chaos of a particularly bumpy rickshaw ride, proving that it is dependably durable even on the roughest commute.

iPhone 15 features a back glass with a custom dual ion-exchange process and an aerospace-grade aluminium enclosure, which help make iPhone 15 incredibly durable.

The Ceramic Shield front cover is tougher than any other smartphone glass, and with a water- and dust-resistant design, iPhone lasts and holds its value longer than any other smartphone.

Additionally, the fast and efficient A16 Bionic chip brings proven performance to iPhone 15, powering the Dynamic Island, computational photography capabilities, and more.

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