Jana Sena's strong counter to AP Chief Minister Jagan

Jana Sena's strong counter to AP Chief Minister Jagan
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Amaravati: Leaders from the Jana Sena Party reminded that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy had previously promised to modernize state hospitals and provide better healthcare services to the poor. They tweeted a video in which Jagan expressed commitment to develop government hospitals to a standard that even if he were unwell, he would choose these facilities for treatment. However, they pointed out that currently, even ministers in the state are struggling to receive adequate medical care.

In a strong response to criticisms made by CM Jagan towards Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan, Jana Sena supporters have been vigorously countering these remarks.

CM Jagan stated, "To understand how insignificant our state appears to a 'package star,' consider how quickly he leaves for Hyderabad at the slightest sign of a fever, as if abandoning Pithapuram. Previously, this 'package star' was tied to Palakollu, Bhimavaram, and Gajuwaka—now Pithapuram is the fourth location. This 'marriage star' shows no love towards any region or even his wives, and now even the constituencies have increased to four," Jagan posted on his Twitter handle.

Here's the Jana Sena counter:

"After the 'knife drama' in Visakhapatnam, who was it that ended up in a Hyderabad hospital? Who promised to develop government hospitals so that everyone, even after coming into power, would receive treatment there? Who actually contested from Palakollu? It seems like a mess after being hit with a pebble. Worry not, in our coalition government, we will establish a healthcare system that provides the best medical treatment in Andhra Pradesh," Jana Sena leaders tweeted, attaching a counter-video. This video included news clips detailing Jagan's statements and the conditions of ministers traveling to Hyderabad for medical services.

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