Pawan Kalyan administers oaths, issues B-Forms to Jana Sena candidates

Pawan Kalyan administers oaths, issues B-Forms to Jana Sena candidates
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Amaravati: In anticipation of the election notification scheduled for April 18 in Andhra Pradesh, the nomination period is set to commence tomorrow. In this context, on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami today, Pawan Kalyan, the leader of the Jana Sena Party, distributed 'B-Forms' to his party candidates. It is known that Jana Sena is contesting in only 21 Assembly and 2 Lok Sabha seats this time, following an alliance with TDP and BJP.

Today, excluding the candidate for Palakonda Assembly Constituency, Pawan Kalyan distributed B-Forms and extended his wishes to the other 20 Assembly and two Lok Sabha candidates. The B-Form for the candidate from Palakonda, Nimmaka Jayakrishna, will be given later due to his delayed arrival.

Pawan Kalyan, after issuing the B-Forms to Jana Sena candidates, administered their oath of candidacy. Andhra Pradesh, known for its vast natural resources, lengthy coastline, and rich biodiversity, faces challenges due to debt-driven fiscal policies and poor governance, which have led to the state's regression over the past five years. The collective effort is necessary to rebuild Andhra Pradesh into a prosperous state.

In a democracy, the people are sovereign and deserve transparent governance. The completion of the Polavaram project, integration of rivers, social justice, educational and employment opportunities for the youth, proper representation for women, and a government that resonates well with the people are essential. Our shared responsibility is to ensure a developed Andhra Pradesh free from migration and poverty through effective governance. Pawan Kalyan pledged, under the constitution of India, to abide by all the principles mentioned above as a candidate of the NDA alliance formed with TDP and BJP in the upcoming elections, declaring "Jai Jana Sena, Jai Hind."

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