MP Avinash Reddy Accuses Suneetha of Conspiring to Implicate Others in Vivekananda Reddy’s Murder

MP Avinash Reddy Accuses Suneetha of Conspiring to Implicate Others in Vivekananda Reddy’s Murder
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The daughter of YS Vivekananda Reddy, who was murdered during the last election period, Suneetha Reddy, has been fighting vehemently for justice. Yesterday, at a press conference, MP Avinash Reddy revealed call data.

Avinash Reddy responded strongly to this. He lashed out saying that Suneetha is making conspiracy-laden accusations against him. He stated that this is an attempt to smear him politically during the election period.

Although Dastagiri has already admitted to the murder of Vivekananda... Avinash alleged that Suneetha had made a deal to turn Dastagiri into an approver to implicate them. He claimed that turning Dastagiri into a witness to frame them is Suneetha's conspiracy. He urged everyone to note that Suneetha did not object to Dastagiri's bail.

Suneetha, who had previously given a statement to the CBI regarding Vivekananda's murder, later changed her statement about a letter written by Vivekananda, claiming she did not know about the letter. Avinash questioned what this acknowledgment by the CBI indicated, suggesting that Suneetha and Dastagiri were trying to manipulate the CBI.

"Suneetha claims that she went and destroyed evidence after receiving a phone call following Vivekananda's murder. She claims Shivaprakash Reddy is a third party in this case. How can Shivaprakash Reddy, a close relative of Vivekananda, be a third party?" questioned Avinash.

He added that he only learned about Vivekananda's situation through Shivaprakash Reddy and then visited Vivekananda's house, where PA Krishnareddy was already present and had spoken to Suneetha and her husband Narreddy Rajasekhar Reddy.

Furthermore, Avinash Reddy clarified, "It was also Shivaprakash Reddy who called Erra Gangireddy and informed him about the matter. Everyone knows how close Erra Gangireddy was to Vivekananda. Suneetha is part of a conspiracy led by TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu. We have complete faith in the justice system. I haven’t done anything wrong... I'm not afraid of anyone."

Avinash Reddy revealed that Suneetha was the one who led Vivekananda into a pathetic condition during his last days and deprived him of any power of attorney. He accused that Vivekananda’s own family stopped caring for him after he remarried. He alleged that when money came through a settlement in Bengaluru, it was meant to be given to the second family, which he tried to ensure.

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