Chandrababu Naidu Critiques Nagari MLA During Election Campaign

Chandrababu Naidu Critiques Nagari MLA During Election Campaign
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As part of the election campaign tours of the masses, TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu held a meeting in the Nagari constituency of Minister Roja. During this occasion, he criticized, saying, "There is a remarkable MLA here," and questioned whether this MLA has done anything for their constituency.

Chandrababu revealed that a girl named Municipal Councillor Bhuvaneshwari came to him with her grievances. He indirectly attacked Roja by mentioning an instance where Rs. 40 lakhs were taken from her with a promise to make her the Municipal Chairman. He questioned the audience, "Would you vote for such people?"

At this moment, Chandrababu called Councillor Bhuvaneshwari to come forward and, after she did, he urged the people to support this daughter of theirs.

Chandrababu also commented on the conduct of the local MLA and questioned how Jagan's behavior could be any different if he encourages such individuals. He criticized the entire Nagari constituency as being in a state of chaos.

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