Youth turn to vices only when they have nothing to do: Chandrababu Naidu

Youth turn to vices only when they have nothing to do: Chandrababu Naidu
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Chittoor: TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu continued his tour for the second day in his own constituency, Kuppam, today. Speaking at a gathering organized for the youth this afternoon in Kuppam, he criticized the government for ruining the future of the youth. He accused the YSRCP government of failing to provide adequate employment and job opportunities for the youth.

While he worked towards providing IT jobs and computer operator positions for the youth, Chandrababu criticized the current government for offering jobs in mutton shops and fish markets. He explained that youth turn to vices only when they have nothing to occupy themselves with, suggesting that the lack of employment leads them to consider drinking as an option.

"The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. There was a time when we didn't know what electricity was... Now, we are in a situation where we can produce electricity at home. The youth must embrace the changing technology. The Telugu youth must walk on the golden path. Today's youth should take Swami Vivekananda as their role model," Chandrababu urged.

"There are no investments in the state, no industries coming up. This government is not providing jobs to the youth; there is no chance for job opportunities. This government has reached a point where jobs are being sold... The Group-1 appointments case is an example of this. It's not just selling jobs; they are selling the future of the youth. They are playing games with the lives of hardworking students. I have already warned Jagan and the then chairman of the service commission to be cautious. But they are not afraid of such warnings. Therefore, the youth must show their strength in the elections," he called out.

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