KCR's Analysis: From BRS Defeat to Lok Sabha Election Plans

KCR's Analysis: From BRS Defeat to Lok Sabha Election Plans
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BRS chief KCR stated that winning and losing elections is a natural process. He attributed the defeat of BRS in the assembly elections to the public's disapproval of its MLAs. KCR provided guidance to party members on strategies to follow in the Lok Sabha elections based on the assembly election results.

Despite the opposition to MLAs among the public, unavoidable circumstances necessitated going into elections without changing candidates. KCR mentioned that even though there was public approval for the BRS government's performance, the disapproval of the MLAs led to unexpected election results. He recounted explaining to NTR, during their time in the united AP, how TDP would face defeat.

KCR also highlighted that the public is comparing the schemes implemented by Congress after coming to power with those implemented by BRS during its tenure. He suggested that it's essential to widely communicate to the public about the unfulfilled promises made by Congress before the elections. He expressed hope that the public would lean towards BRS again due to the policies adopted by the Congress party. KCR urged all leaders to work hard for the success of their candidates in the Lok Sabha elections.

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