Atchannaidu Writes an Open Letter to CM Jagan

Atchannaidu Writes an Open Letter to CM Jagan
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In an open letter to Chief Minister Jagan, Kinjarapu Atchannaidu, the president of the Andhra Pradesh Telugu Desam Party (TDP), expressed concern over the lack of safe drinking water in the state, leading to people falling ill. Atchannaidu voiced his anxiety about the health emergency conditions prevailing in the state.

He criticized the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) government for failing to supply safe drinking water to the people, stating that the lack of access to clean water is resulting in the loss of lives. Atchannaidu highlighted that in Guntur, contaminated water has led to cases of diarrhea and cholera.

In his letter, he lamented the government's focus on conducting public meetings rather than prioritizing the lives of people. He urged CM Jagan to consider the welfare of the people, at least for this month, and demanded that the government immediately provide safe drinking water and improved medical treatment to those affected.

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