Like Air Fuels Fire, Pawan Kalyan Joined Hands with Us: Chandrababu

Like Air Fuels Fire, Pawan Kalyan Joined Hands with Us: Chandrababu
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In a public meeting in Tadepalligudem, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu criticized the state's leadership, labeling the Chief Minister as a "psycho." He accused the Chief Minister of stifling opposition leaders and controlling the media through Government Order No. 1, mocking democracy. Naidu claimed that the Chief Minister had brought the state from being affectionate before the elections to hostile afterwards, branding him a "bluff master" for repeatedly lying and claiming unaccomplished works as his own. He compared the Chief Minister to a conjurer of illusions from the past.

Naidu highlighted his long tenure as an MLA for 35 years and as a Chief Minister, criticizing the current Chief Minister's recent actions in Kuppam as mere theatrics. Despite efforts to supply water, the initiative failed within 23 hours, questioning the Chief Minister's reliability. Naidu confidently stated from Tadepalligudem that he would secure a significant majority in Kuppam, asserting that the people there would not be swayed by false promises.

With only 40 days left until the elections, Naidu warned that the real scenario would unfold for the YSRCP "rowdies," predicting a super hit for the TDP-Janasena alliance. He described the opposition's schemes and strategies as failures, declaring an end to their destructive actions. Naidu emphasized that the alliance is a winning team, in contrast to the YSRCP, which he called a cheating team. He likened the partnership with Pawan Kalyan to adding fuel to fire, ensuring a defeat for the YSRCP.

Naidu discussed the selection of candidates as a responsible process, reflecting on collecting opinions from 1.30 crore people to identify and nominate individuals rooted in the community. This approach, he claimed, has instilled fear in the Chief Minister, who is contemplating changing his candidates in response. Naidu contrasted his candidates, describing them as educated and reputable, against the Chief Minister's, whom he labeled as smugglers and rowdies, suggesting a dire future for the state if the latter were re-elected.

Naidu promised comprehensive declarations for BCs, SCs, and STs, along with specific announcements for women, farmers, and employees, highlighting a balanced approach to justice for all sectors of society. He announced the upcoming release of a joint manifesto by the TDP-Janasena alliance, signaling their collective vision for the future.

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